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Qualified Estate Planning and Probate Attorney in San Antonio, TX

When you pass on, what will happen to your assets, investments, property, and most importantly, your children? Whether you’re just starting your family  or you’re looking to make sure your adult children and grandchildren will be financially secure once you’re gone, our estate planning and probate attorney in San Antonio, TX, is here to help provide you with peace of mind. Reach out to Donna Spicer Attorney at Law today to set up a consultation or discuss your needs.

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Estate Planning Attorney in San Antonio, TX

Covering Several Areas of the Law

There are many areas of the law that affect how your assets are handled after you’re gone, and Donna Spicer can assist you in all of them. Get in touch with us today to make a plan for your family so they’re not left unprepared or confused about what your wishes are. We handle everything from the creation of wills and trusts to the probate process and legal guardianship for adults who may be unable to manage their own affairs. Get in touch with a skilled and dedicated probate attorney and make sure your assets and property are handled properly.

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Protect Your Family’s Future with Estate Planning

Take control over what happens to your belongings and assets when you pass away with legal guidance from our estate planning attorney. Without a will or trust, the state determines the distribution of your properties and who becomes the guardian of your children. Our primary goal is to ensure you have all of the correct paperwork filed regarding these important decisions for future situations.

About Donna Spicer Attorney at Law

Our founder has been serving as a lawyer for over 30 years. After helping a family member, she decided to focus her legal practice on probate law and guardianship 10 years ago. Donna Spicer Attorney at Law is an estate planning attorney located in San Antonio, Texas, and provides services such as wills and trusts and assists with guardianship matters. Ms. Spicer is a member of the Texas Bar Association, San Antonio Bar Association, Virginia Bar Association, and New York Bar Association.


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